Many times, the difference between winning and losing a close campaign comes down to relationships. The relationship a candidate develops with voters determines everything and the relationships forged with contributors and political leaders determine both financial and political viability.

At RQ&A, we are proud of our relationships and the ensuing friendships which span decades and encompass nearly every corner of the state, region, and nation. We have spent our professional careers studying and understanding the relationships between candidates and voters, and developing the personal relationships with political, business and community leaders that are critical to success.

As you seek your next challenge, why re-invent the wheel, when RQ&A can put those relationships to work for you and hit the ground running full speed ahead?

Our broad array of services enables us to offer a comprehensive package of solutions to meet your campaign's every need, including general consulting, day-to-day campaign management, polling, fundraising, direct mail, television and radio production, media buying, and new media strategies.